Get Rid of Unwanted Hair in Rochester

Hair removal in Rochester

Get rid of unwanted hair in Rochester

Get rid of unwanted hair in Rochester

If you want to get rid of unwanted hair in Rochester, we at Battisti’s Salon and Day Spa can help you with waxing and laser hair removal. No matter where this unwelcome hair is located on your face or body, you can depend on us for highly effective, quick, and safe removal of hair performed by our expert technicians who have the skill and experience to make sure that everything is done properly. You can rest easy, secure in the knowledge that the hair you want to rid yourself of will soon by yesterday’s news.

The difference between waxing and laser hair removal lies in two very important factors: comfort and longevity. Waxing can cause some mild and temporary stinging as a natural part of the process. It removes hair from the root, which is very efficient and lasts four about four to six weeks before hair will begin to regrow. You can feel confident that we do this all the time, and so even on sensitive parts of your body, you need not worry about unexpected damage to your skin. Waxing is a fantastic way to get rid of unwanted hair in Rochester.

If you would prefer an option that is more permanent and more comfortable, you can choose to take advantage of our laser hair removal. Unlike waxing, multiple sessions are required in order to achieve the full effect of this process. As such, it is a more expensive way to get rid of unwanted hair in Rochester. But it also boasts advantages that make it more cost effective in the long run. While hair eventually grows back with waxing, laser hair removal is for good. But this also means that if you’re not absolutely sure that you no longer want to grow hair in that area, you may want to hold off on this method and opt instead for waxing.

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