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Our Rochester electrolysis services is the only hair removal method approved by the FDA. In order to achieve the best possible results, it will require multiple sessions at Battisti’s Salon and Day Spa. Your body and facial hair follows specific cycle of growing, resting, and shedding. Because all of your hair isn’t at the same stage at any given time, multiple sessions are necessary to get the hair in the growth phase for the most effective electrolysis hair removal. The total number of sessions needed to remove hair permanently from a particular area will vary from client to client. Most clients return once a week or every other week, as needed, but the unwanted hair will be gone forever once the series of treatments have been completed. Each treatment, lasting between 15 minutes and one hour, is known to have the best overall results, versus any other method, in ridding hair for long periods of time, sometimes permanently.

In order to destroy the root of each hair follicle, electrolysis applies an electric current with a very fine needle-shaped electrode, or metal probe, into each hair follicle. Many different hair and skin types can benefit since electrolysis doesn’t target hair color, like laser hair removal, but actually attacks the follicle itself. A thorough consultation is important because even people that aren’t good candidates for laser can still get electrolysis. Of course, everyone has their own tolerance to pain and electrolysis has been described as a stinging or pricking sensation, and each follicle does have to go through it.

Our Rochester electrolysis services are a way of removing individual hairs from your face or body. Cutting-edge medical electrolysis devices destroy the growth center of your hair with chemical or heat energy. At the surface of your sin, the probe is inserted into your hair follicle, then the hair is removed with tweezers. Hair growth is a result of hormonal levels and heredity, but some drugs, temporary methods of hair removal, and some illnesses may also promote hair growth. Usually, hair growth is something most people want, but it’s on an undesirable part of your body, such as a woman’s upper lip, chin, or bikini line, you should consider electrolysis at Battisti’s Salon and Day Spa.

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