Rochester hair removal

Get rid of unwanted body hair in Rochester

Rochester hair removal

Rochester hair removal

Do you have hair that you would like to be rid of? Well, you’ve come to the right place. At Battisti’s Salon and Day Spa, we’re pleased to offer the removal of unwanted hair on your face or body. Depending on your preferences and your unique circumstances, we have several methods that we offer to get the job done. What’s most important is that with our Rochester hair removal, you can look the way you want to and feel 100% confident that our highly skilled professionals will do it safely. You are our top priority.

Waxing is a treatment that you have probably heard of and may be familiar with. It offers hair removal that lasts. We can use it on both your face and body. If you’re interested in a totally natural way, you might want to consider sugaring. This is a form of our Rochester hair removal that dates back to Ancient Egypt and you can get a modern version of it done right here. Made from sugar, lemons, and herbs, it’s gentle on your skin. Both of these types of hair removal are appropriate for both women and men.

But what if you prefer to have your hair dealt with permanently? We say, no problem. With either electrolysis or laser treatment, you can achieve a result that you will be very happy with. Safe and comfortable, our Rochester hair removal is done by our technicians who are experienced in them. We’re highly detail conscious, taking great care to make certain that the outcome is exactly what you’re seeking.

So, which type of our Rochester hair removal is the best one for you? If you’re not sure, we’re  happy to help you decide. Our service goes beyond the physical work and includes the informed advice and guidance that you expect and deserve.


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