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14624 Pain-Free Hair Removal

Are you tired of all those painful and messy hair removal methods you have tried in the past, but still want to find a way to get rid of all those pesky hairs you could do without? Thanks to our Rochester hair removal experts here at Battisti’s Salon and Day Spa, you do not need to go through any of those hassles any longer. Yes, it’s true—there is finally an end in sight to shaving, waxing and tweezing.

At our salon, we use amazing pulsed light with Advanced Fluorescence Technology that eliminates any unwanted hair simply with quick bursts of light. The process is completely safe and totally pain-free. It is truly a breakthrough in the field of hair removal because of its safety and effectiveness, and the lack of discomfort or damage involved. This pulsed light technology only works on hair follicles that are actively producing hair at the time, and so follicles that are in a dormant stage at that time will not be properly treated. What this means is that the treatment may need to be repeated several times in order to affect all of the hair follicles properly. In our experience, it has been found that anywhere from three to six treatments in sequential months are necessary in order to get the full Rochester hair removal effect. Our clients are always amazed at how effective are treatments are, and are always so glad they have finally decided to ditch the razor and the tweezers and whatever else they have been using for so many years.

To learn more about our Rochester hair removal, along with the rest of the services available at Battisti’s Salon and Day Spa, we invite you to browse through our main website. Feel free to contact us with any comments or questions, or to book an appointment.

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